Sex, Ageing and Foraging Theory - 2024

We explore the evolution of ageing, sexual reproduction, and foraging through three big questions:

  1. Why do we age?
  2. Why do we reproduce sexually?
  3. How should we consume resources?

We look at these questions through mathematical and computational modelling. In addition to core concepts of evolutionary ecology, we go over how to formalize a theoretical model, implement it in a computer program (e.g. R, C or Python), and analyse its output.

Topic group

The course takes place on Fridays at 10:15am and Wednesdays at 12:15pm in room POL/334, on the main floor of the Amphipôle. Lectures are given by Charles Mullon ( For questions and discussions, please contact Charles via e-mail. Teaching assistants are Thomas Lesaffre ( and Vítor Sudbrack (


The content will be uploaded here as the semester progresses.

Lecture 1

Class on Friday, 01/03/2024

Exercise session 0

Class on Wednesday, 06/03/2024

Exercise session 1

Class on Friday, 08/03/2024

Lecture 2

Class on Wednesday, 13/03/2024

Exercise session 2

Class on Friday, 15/03/2024

Break and Easter holidays

Exercise session 3

Class on Friday, 12/04/2024

Lecture &
Exercise session 4

Class on Wednesday, 17/04/2024


Class on Friday, 19/04/2024