Our group at the Jacques Monod conference: Sex Unfolded

Sep 28, 2023
Our group at the Jacques Monod conference: Sex Unfolded

The “Jacques Monod: Sex Unfolded” conference held in the picturesque coastal town of Roscoff, Brittany, was a remarkable gathering of researchers deeply passionate about unraveling the mysteries of sexual reproduction. From September 11 to 15th, this conference had discussions and presentations that delved into the fascinating world of reproduction, recombination, sexual conflict and sex chromosomes, from both theoretical and experimental points of view.

Charles, Vitor, Thomas, and Ewan brought the research done in our group to the conference. Charles gave a short talk “The limited scope for elevated genetic polymorphism in sexually antagonistic traits”, while the others presented posters (attached below).

After the conference, together with Ehouarn from Pannell group, we explored the sourroundings of Roscoff in Britanny. This place is Brennilis, Dolmen de Ti-Ar-Boudiged (or Maison aux Fées), a thousand-year-old cave.

The posters are available here:

Thomas’ poster at Roscoff 2023 - On the origins of XY and ZW sex determination as an outcome of sex allocation evolution

Vitor’s poster at Roscoff 2023 - Tandem repeat variation in partially selfing populations